Marta Grassi

Marta Grassi grew up in Uruguay surrounded by painters in a family and social environment where art and creativity occupied a central role. Interested by drawing and painting from a very early age, she developed privately a unique artistic world made up of characters in costume, magical animals, enchanting, light, almost airborne decors.

After studying Textile Design, the artist set herself up permanently in Paris, where she visited the Beaux-Arts workshops. There, she worked long hours drawing live models and delved back into the pleasures of her childhood with this activity. Self-taught, she would add painting little by little to her approach. Thanks to her painting, Marta Grassi experimented with the effects of material, the nuances of colours, the volume of forms and developed her series of multiple techniques, both classical and new, in order to always enrich her expression.

“Fables”, “Black Series” or “Squints” contain the artist’s esoteric and plural worlds. As such, drawing and painting find themselves intrinsically linked in Marta Grassi’s works. Abstraction and figuration combine like the lines, the strokes of the drawing, the motifs, the material, the depth, the light and the colour, to find the perfect equation of a complex work that the artist wishes above all to be “open and poetic”.