As a child Wackenthaler was shy and found an escape in drawing. Pressure from her family made her choose a more traditional path of education but she still managed to attend many classes at the Fine Arts School, somewhat under cover. She would go in with friends, do a few favours and disappear among the other students. Her determination aroused admiration and she drew additional strength from her new profession as a nurse, which helped her to gain self-confidence.  She is thirsty for knowledge and over the years she attended classes at the Fine Arts School of Lyon and then of Geneva. It was very freeing for her to have her own atelier and she transitioned from watercolours to oil paints, which she applies with a knife. She chooses her subjects depending on what she likes, representing scenes she discovers during her many adventures: she travels around Europe and practices several sports such as caving and paragliding. After a simple sketch, the work comes to life in her mind and all she has left to do is lay it down on the canvas. Her great knowledge allows her to be free from technical constraints and to enter into her works as a viewer. She is sometimes carried away to the ocean, sometimes to the mountains or to a big city. She observes the lights and is fascinated by their reflections, and sometimes discovers a man who turns around to look at a woman or passers-by frustrated by the crowds. Her greatest desire is to pass along a bit of happiness to the viewer and if she sometimes feels the loneliness of her atelier, she compensates by forging great friendships with her clients who come to be seduced by her powerful canvases and unique personality. 

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24, rue du Dôme
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