Francesca Escobar

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 The Spanish artist, Francesca Escobar, studies Applied Art and perfected her painting and drawing skills by attending workshops. Very quickly, she developed a realist and figurative style in painting and made portraits and the expression of the human body her subjects of choice.

She is fascinated by the Asian physique and culture and depicts men, women, children, groups and communities, who are rendered immortal by their unusual expressions and by the humanity of their postures. In their entirety, zoomed in, from a bird's eye view, from a low angle shot, full face, from the back, Francesca Escobar's subjects are framed as though through the lens of a camera, embracing the scene but also bringing detail to light.

She considers herself a classical painter and does not hide the "vintage" dimensions she revives in her work. Far from cultivating a kind of melancholy, Francesca Escobar loves to transcribe the nostalgia of atmospheres with a feeling of something past, ones carry the shades of another time. She mixes materials, textures and techniques, collages, marble dust, sand, cardboard, oil paint and acrylic in order to experiment with her fascination for man; the infinite palette of expressions and the emotional strength the arts strives to render visible in their singularity as well as in their universality.