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Jocelyne Girard

The urge to create art came into Jocelyne Girard's life like a gift. Around the age of 10, she was given a set of watercolour paints for Christmas, which she saw as little bursts of colour that electrified her sensitivity and stimulated her taste for art. The artist is passionate about human emotion and attempts to transcribe each person's inward path, spiritual journey, thoughts and moods.

She draws her inspiration from the expressions and feelings of the people around her, from her encounters, and also from what she reads and discovers. Thus, the artist weaves together the themes that she then develops in her paintings, which become invitations to create. On a canvas or on paper, she begins to sketch a drawing using charcoal, and then she applies acrylic paint. She finishes by using a paintbrush or a knife to give light to her shapes with oil paint.

Jocelyne Girard's characters jump out of their support as if emerging from a mysterious world. Their shining eyes are wide open and are searching for compassion and complicity in others at the same time as they echo profound loneliness. Their presence is incommensurate and their sensitivity is poetic. The artist has been developing her skills in engraving for nearly ten years and continues to feed her poetic universe with fragile silhouettes that are aerial but still strongly attached to their reality, a singular world with subtle shades and unknown origins.