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The human body is Brigitte Muze's first source of inspiration. Adopting an intimate style that is almost symbolist in its appearance, the artist captures the body in the moment, serene, dormant and fragile. "Beyond the aesthetic, I am looking to make an emotion become tangible to the gaze, in an intimate atmosphere," She observed. In her pieces, shapes appear much like models, sculpted in the thickness of the texture, which are the successive strata into which it melts.

The artist draws her inspiration from great masters such as Rembrandt, Le Caravage, and Vermeer and feeds off of the superb contrasts in their works and the chiaroscuro that make the warmth and intimacy of the moment almost tangible.  Klimt and Modigliani have of course influenced the painter in her expression and sublimation of bodies.  Finally, the artist also names, among the references essential to her work, Turner and his seascapes, which she describes as "unbelievably luminous and modern".

Over time the subtle silhouettes of her paintings has dissipated, making room for a semi-abstract atmosphere in which nature and its elements appear between the layers. The intimate representation of the body is then replaced by an intimate representation of nature in which the interior turns into the exterior. The tone on tone and shades come sublimate the preciousness of the moment in which the power of emotions is expressed between two bursts of light.