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Yann Torrecillas

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After receiving training in applied art in his hometown, Yann began to make graphic designs, work on photography and make videos. It is only during the last year of his studies that the young artist focused his attention on a very different medium he had not yet explored, painting. Once he graduated, Yann decided to continue at university for three more years and to perfect his visual work before showing his pieces to the public.

The artist from Marseilles has always been passionate about the many different aesthetic facets he sees in the practice of drawing and he harmoniously composes his canvases focusing both on the lines and the content. Made up of many details that are brightly coloured, Yann's paintings offer an interpretation of the world and of bodies that combines vitality and optimism. Yann is very much attached to the cultural world in which he lives and does his work in a collective workshop where he feeds his skills with the knowledge others share with him.

He has been exploring the theme of the portrait for a long time and is always looking for a way to capture the entire pallet of emotions one can glean by attentively observing a face. He paints his characters based on photographs he has taken or found and they are filled with a kind of energy that is born of the artist's need to interact with his works. The artist always approaches his subject with instinct and passion and places emotion at the heart of his practice. Yann defines his painting as an opening to the world and to others and makes "canvases that you get to meet and not just look at."

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  • Yann Torrecillas
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