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Marie-Jeanne Gillmann

Alongside a professional life devoted entirely to accounting, Marie-Jeanne has always enjoyed drawing and painting, almost consistently over time.  During her childhood, the artist from Alsace loved to spend her time enjoying these two hobbies, which, unfortunately, were not easy to keep up along with a busy family and professional life. 

In 1997, following a serious medical issue, Marie-Jeanne decided to devote more time to her joy of drawing and painting.  She strengthened the two self-taught activities to which she devotes her free time by enrolling in many classes, including several at the Université Populaire of Saverne. During the 2000s, the painter joined the Artistes Libres of Alsace Organisation with the goal of exhibiting her first canvases, while also looking to sharpen her techniques by taking part in hands-on workshops, including those at the Moulin de Perrot in Ardèche. Marie-Jeanne was eager to discover all possibilities available to her and "willingly attended training sessions taught by various painters, which enabled her to explore a variety of sensitivities, styles and subjects." These immersions also made it possible to gain great confidence in her self and in her own skills.

She is guided by the admiration she has for works by the Impressionists and for art work made by painters from the Dutch School, and "her search for new opportunities to learn have always been guided by these two tendencies, which makes it very natural for her to work with oil paint." The Alsatian painter loves to paint her region of origin and uses brushes, spatulas and paintbrushes to depict scenes of daily life and landscapes.