Pascal Lionnet

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From his adolescence on, Pascal Lionnet was drawn to music and painting. After experiencing success in amateur exhibitions he was encouraged to show his work in a gallery, alongside his career as a singer-songwriter.

His childhood spent in Tunisia greatly influenced his pieces and his work is first and foremost about the landscapes and still life of the Maghreb. Over the years he developed a more personal universe, greatly inspired by painters such as Dali and Magritte. Desert landscapes populated with oversized animals and a blue sky made of celestial carps, pieces of pottery become temples under construction and cargos carry gigantic fruit. He seeks to represent the excesses of our world and to represent them in his surreal paintings. These incongruous objects make it possible for him to speak of subjects that concern him such as the overproduction of food or the extinction of certain species.  The richness of this symbolic alphabet enables him to remain close to his emotions, while also creating a dialogue with his viewers.  If his canvases do seek to invite the viewer to reflect on certain topics, they also contain a certain sense of humour.  Because Pascal Lionnet is not looking to convey a dark image of the world to his viewers as he is most attached to a way of depicting the beauty of nature. 

Completely self-taught, he uses mixed techniques that enable him to express himself freely, much like the many instruments that he plays. For more than twenty years his two passions have fed one another and he continues to invent the language of emotions each day. 

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