Catherine Rebeyre

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Catherine received training in technical work on textile and began her career as a designer and stylist in the retail industry. After spending five years working for a company, she decided to switch over to having a liberal profession so that she could devote herself freely to her many passions and diversity her activities. At the beginning of 2014, her associative project finally came to completion and she was able to open a gallery shop for designers in Argenteuil called "le Bôcal".

Catherine delves into the fields of decoration, illustration, design and visual arts and cultivates a form of expression that is devoid of any preconceived notions in order to give total freedom to her ideas and desires. Also, by subtly combining painting, sewing, collage and drawing she is able to make visual works that capture her inspiration as it comes. Catherine likes to return regularly to pencil drawing and works with sketches that she attaches ahead of time to the support of her choice. She then takes time to paint the background before devoting her attention to working on the main subject. Since she is not able to keep herself to a single technique, the artist enhances her visual work with various materials and objects, anywhere from pieces of fabric sewn together to pearls, insects, flowers or even pieces of bark.

Catherine draws from wide and numerous influences - her travels, items and beings from nature, ethnic costumes and histories, Culture and arts in general-, she loves to conjure up all kinds of visual, sensory or auditory memories to enrich her imagination.

Catherine Rebeyre