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Joan Farré Paradeda

"Born into a family of artists, Joan Farré Paradeda discovered his passion for drawing alongside his father, Joan Farré Rabal." At a young age, he was interested in works of hyperrealism and studied pieces by the American artists Howard Kanovitz (1929-2009) and John De Andrea (born in 1941). Her artistic craving them led him to broaden his research to the fields of music, literature, history and design.

At the age of sixteen, Joan moved to Barcelona to attend a programme devoted entirely to applied art. Here he experienced the city and soaked up the trends of contemporary art. He also took several research trips to Paris, London and New York. Once he graduated, he began his career by diversifying his activities – combining teaching, graphic design and a pursuit of his visual practice – until the dawn of the 2000s when he was established enough to devote himself entirely to his creative aspirations.  His newfound, hard won freedom would lead to the opening, in August 2015, of his workshop gallery in his city of origin.

Joan is hungry for culture and for pluridisciplinarity and finds inspiration in many different skills and movements – anywhere from raku pottery to Japanese calligraphy, including pop aesthetics, abstract expressionism and informal art – and also worked on exploring frames and volumes, as well as painting and sculpture. Using various languages and supports, the artist draws on one or the other depending on the message he wishes to convey. However, no matter the medium chosen, the urban space is invariably at the heart of his focus.