Philippe Auriol

Wanting to practice working with light, Philippe Auriol decided to work with colour and shapes on Plexiglas very early on, multiplying the effects of mirrors, glimmers and textures. A trained engraver, the artist works on the image by following a process which goes from engraving wood and copper, to screen printing and then onto to acrylic painting.
But it is the possibility of working on the inversed image that interests the painter the most and allows him to integrate the element of chance into his work that crystallises all creation: the brightness of the colours, the unveiled suppleness and harmony of their nuances which suggest a gesture that is simultaneously intuitive, proven and felt.
Renewing our way of looking at each shape, giving the object back the power of novelty, from new colours to new dimensions and new approaches. Inspired by the visual efficiency and aesthetics of pop art and by trailblazing artists, such as the painter Rauschenberg, Philippe Auriol wants to work in the space between the realms of art and life.
In a process of collage and recomposition, he uses images that have been found and then reworked. By multiplying the coats of acrylic paint, adding them, scraping them off, engraving them to permeate them with traces of movement, tension, he tends to alter our connection with the image. ‘By working on the back of the sheet, I don’t know how the image will turn out. At times I lift up the sheet to see the effect that I’ve produced, and I discover this confrontation between transparency and opacity, traces, disappearances and the troubling depth which transports me to other spaces.’ Breaking the painting down to its most basic form and producing the possibility for a pure experience.

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