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Géraldine Bandiziol

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Passionate about drawing and convinced that her vocation is to be a painter, Géraldine Bandiziol attends evening classes in the arts faculty. The artist clings to this certitude and continues to exhibit.

Installed for 26 years in the Vaucluse, she gets there the light and the ochres characteristic of her work. Attracted by abstraction, the artist of Pertuis creates landscapes that play on variations and sails on the layers of translucent colors that she applies to her canvas.

Working mainly with acrylic, Géraldine enhances her pieces of art according to her inspiration in pastel greasy and also grave in her painting some text: process that makes speak her canvases.

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Lille Lille
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83, rue Esquermoise
59800 Lille
Phone: 03 20 57 49 93

Monday:  14h00 / 19h00

Tuesday:  10h00 / 19h00

Wednesday:  10h00 / 19h00

Thursday:  10h00 / 19h00

Friday:  10h00 / 19h00

Saturday:  10h00 / 19h00

Sunday:  Fermé / Closed