Cathie Berthon

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Self-taught artist. After exploring compositions mixing vintage photographs, painting and collages worked on wood, Cathie Berthon returns with a new series "Cubes" in which she explores a little more support wood by treating it this time in volume.

These cubes of wood of different heights pixelate a photographic composition that is transferred manually on the support, which reveals the veining of the wood.

Some cubes are painted or burned, then each is resinated as well as the bottom of the work. Cubes of ancient children hitched sometimes in his works. These new works half-artwork, half-sculpture, offer a surprising 3D effect.

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Lille Lille
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83, rue Esquermoise
59800 Lille
Phone: 03 20 57 49 93

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Paris Saint-Germain (6ème) Paris Saint-Germain (6ème)
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66, rue St André des Arts
Métro : Odéon
75006 Paris
Phone: 01 43 25 61 72

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