Laura Bofill

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Laura Bofill’s profound interest in painting developed at a very young age. Coming from a family of artists, she became familiar with the practice early on. After training at the School of Industrial Engineering in Barcelona, she left Spain for London, an abundant megalopolis whose cultural melting pot would deeply influence the artist. The urban landscape, shapes and volumes of cities – whether they are treated as empty or full, whether it is about their omnipresence or on the contrary, their disappearance – become the artist’s central subject.
Her growing interest for the effervescence of metropolises encouraged her to fly to New York in the summer of 2005, where she signed up to follow drawing classes at the School of Visual Arts. The Big Apple would be the key to all of Laura Bofill’s work. Graphic, moving, mysterious, it would spread through her approach, the eclecticism of a practice which offers a variety of mediums: photography, painting, drawing; and materials: acrylics, paper, canvas or resin, allowing the artist to multiply the effects of material and texture.
Her work examines our relationship with cities, the role and the power of their architecture, but also the influence of their infrastructures: their roads, their bridges, their lifts, their escalators, their halls, meeting points or on the contrary, places of isolation.
Attracted by movement, temporality and displacement in her work, the artist first explores the field of audio-visual media only to neglect it quickly and return to the pictorial image, which allows her to concentrate only on subject and technique, to materialise the form and time in the action.

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