Lamiel Boubli

Lamiel began drawing from a very young age. As a teenager she tried her hand at collage and, using magazine clippings, she created works in a pop art style. After a diploma in fine arts she joined a workshop in terra cotta sculpture and drawing from live models. Drawn to materials, Lamiel began working with volume.
Meanwhile, a great desire for adventure led her to undertake numerous trips when she was able: New York, Tunisia, Senegal, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Tasmania… Even today she continues to travel whenever she can.
In Mali, Lamiel was fascinated by this all-encompassing land and fell in love with its purity: the landscape is huge, empty, motionless and contrasts with the teeming life. The bustle of the market, the majestic bodies of the women, the nomads living along the river: these images will pervade her memory forever. During her travels she collected inspiration that she brought back in the photographs she took.
Lamiel produced several sculpture exhibitions but the technical constraints were too great, so she turned back to collage for a greater creative freedom. Lamiel has always visited flea markets and second hand book stores to find her materials. In her opinion, “salvaging is to take back possession.”
Her process is methodical: she begins by looking for old papers, covers of old books, backs and bindings, all weathered by time. She creates hills, dunes, or boulders. Some traces or stains of acrylic paint serve as the outline of a face or a silhouette.
Lamiel’s collages are heavily inspired with the exoticism and mystery of the countries she has visited. In her works the images refer to words, songs and travels. A poetry of discreet lyricism runs through her work, encouraging thought and dreams.

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