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Oscar Manuel Brandariz, aka Branda, is from La Coruna in Galicia, northwest Spain. Since childhood, he has drawn the people and everyday objects that surround him. A big fan of comics, he also remembers being very impressed by the covers of Spanish satirical newspapers in the 80’s. In 1982, he was in awe of a series of postage stamps created by Joan Miró (Catalan artist of the twentieth century) for the Football World Cup. He still remembers having said that day "This is what I want to do when I grow up!". As a teenager he was always trying to capture images of everyday life as a photographer. However, his future would experience yet another turning point when the artist discovered Pop Art via the black humour of "Equipo Crónica", a famous Spanish group of the early twentieth century. He started to patronize the arts community and studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Pontevedra.
Branda is a great observer of human nature and describes his style as urban "costumisme" In Catalan, it means the artistic transcription of atmospheres or characters typical of cities, in this case the one in which the artist evolves. He spends his time carefully watching people and analyzing their behaviour. Then, he memorizes these scenes of life, sketches the characters taking the bus or in front of a grocery store and paints them back in his workshop. The artist likes to capture the evolution of morals by representing the captive glances of "connected" people or the casual appearance of older people in sportswear. He works primarily in acrylic, but fond of new techniques and new materials, the artist also enjoys woodworking and has recently launched into screen-printing. Firmly believing that art can heal and help us through the difficulties of life, Branda communicates optimism and good humour through a group of people, each funnier and more endearing than the next.