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A native of Marseille, Deuz was passionate about drawing from an early age and discovered with it graffiti and comics. Influenced by these two worlds, he began doing graffiti in the streets of Marseille in the mid 90’s. At the age of 17, he visited the Picasso Museum in Paris, and his desire to become an artist was set. A determined young man, he earned several Fine Arts degrees, along with his Masters degree, in order to make his passion his profession. Deuz has taught fine arts since 2004 and flourishes alongside as an artist. He has developed over time a purely figurative style. Using pencil, pen, watercolours, spray-paint and Posca markers, he produced portraits, mostly of Africans, inspired by Hip-hop culture and which he nicknames his "mugs." More than just a musical reference, hip- hop is for him a source of cultural inspiration and a companion to drawing itself. Music is an integral part of his creative process: it stimulates the artist when he draws and inspires the titles of his works. Completing portraits for him is an obvious choice because they speak directly to the viewer, communicating with him. Each of these faces is made ​​from a photograph and selected for its originality, beauty, ugliness or expressiveness. It is a true graphic dialogue that takes place between Deuz and model. Rather than seeking the absolute likeness, the artist captures the character and emotions of the person he is drawing, transcribing his own sensitivity, leaving a wrinkle, an expression, a look, to solve the mystery of these "mugs". While moved by the issues of discrimination in all its forms, the artist first creates for pleasure, even if he enjoys the idea that everyone can interpret his work differently, reading stories or understanding a message. For several years now, the buzz of his creativity has involved him incessantly in many exhibitions and collaborations, at a national and international level.