Hanna Ekegren

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Passionate about drawing and painting, Hannah nurtured and developed her artistic work independently through outher childhood and adolescence before taking a course which specialised in photography and painting. After spending several years studying the History of Art, she began her career as an illustrator for a landscape architects’ agency. And it was only after she had spent more than adecade working in the world of marketing and advertising that she decided tobreak away and focus solely on creating her own artwork. Today shedivides her time between working on her paintings and illustrating children's books written by her husband.
This Swedish artist has developed original and unique skills: her paintings are done largely with acrylics which she applies directly to the surface using nothing but her bare hands. Having this physical connection with the painting medium, Hanna is not subject to the restrictions imposed by standard painting tools and she creates her compositions instinctively without any preparatory study, allowing her gestures to express themselves freely on the canvas. Immensely colourful, her charactersare portrayed face on but from a very particular angle, giving the viewer adual perception of their faces. Almost looking as if they have been inspired by lunar images, these figures look out at us with their disproportionately large eyes. Admiring the work of painters such as Claude Monet and Fernand Léger, Hanna creates her compositions depending on what takes her fancy and what inspires her, paying no heed to current methods, and inviting us to discover her world which is both authentic and poetic.

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