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Sylvie Eudes

Even in early childhood in Normandy, Sylvie snubbed dolls to indulge in drawing, and covered her school notebooks with sentimental comic strips. After high school, she spent two years in the studio of Michel Clos (painter) to gain some confidence in her technical knowledge and prepare for her entry to the major art schools. She joined the ‘animated film’ department of the Gobelins School of Images in Paris. During her studies she worked for several cult series (Grendizer, Lucky Luke) and the René Goscinny studios (author of comics, such as Asterix and Obelix).
Sylvie stopped for a time to devote herself to her three sons, and used this time to create her own style and develop her technique. In 2005 she decided to devote herself entirely to her art.
She is drawn to the meticulous work of lacquer. This delicate technique requires painting on a flat surface, cannot be reworked and requires several weeks of drying. She loves the purity of the coloured areas and the fusion of materials. Water and oil meet and the final result varies between the figurative and abstraction.
Her inspiration comes directly from her professional experiences: Pop Art, advertising and comics. Sylvie's world can be likened to that of Japanese manga and reflect flights of influences from Fernando Botero (watercolourist and sculptor of the twentieth century).
In her work, she delights in intimate scenes where animals coexist with humans. Each painting is a slice of life, a small text that tells a story. A recurring theme of her paintings is the inevitable presence of a little girl with square cut hair: an obvious childlike double of the artist.
Sensitive, tender, soothing and populated with gentle animals, Sylvie’s worldview encourages contemplation.