Christophe Forget

Christophe Forget was first trained in drawing and water painting and in his work he melds together lines with water paint in order to develop ever-richer research around phantasm and the representation of nature with its unchanging and almost sacred character.
Forests, trees, the play of shadows and light come together to form his soft, calm and peaceful paintings. Later, he became familiar with the engraving techniques and the monotype more specifically. He began to multiply the interpretations he could give to the plant world that came to him as a subject overflowing with surprises. These techniques make it possible for him to have a spontaneous experience with his drawing, his shapes and colours, which is always new.
Alongside nature, that he finds endlessly inspiring, are the many beings that come to populate it, and that evoke a kind of duality or complementarity with the animal and human populations, in search of their origin, their identity and their nature. Christophe Forget's hybrid characters battle with their contradictions and complexity as they dwell deep inside a timeless and surreal universe, a mythology built on each person's imagination and on the collective conscience. Anonymous witnesses, their masks allow them to incarnate the universal through a process of dissimulation, subtraction and effacement. By stepping away from any kind of individuality, they evolve much like shadows of one another, the possible and the alter ego of one another.
The artist's technique proceeds along the same lines. Much like a subtraction, it digs into the subject in order to reveal its essence, its light and its shape.