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Joelle Fouilloux

Originally from Limousin, Joëlle has always attached great importance to the colours and the light emanating from the environment around her. This awareness resulted in her moving to Provence, toles Calanques, where the artist found both aesthetic and emotional resonance in this natural environment and could devote herself entirely to her artistic experimentation.She opened her first workshop in Aubagne in 1988, then a second one, "At Home"in Marseilles, where she has been creating and exhibiting her work since 2004.
Self-taught, Joëlle conceived her drawings and paintings through the inspiration she took from the countryside around her; this rapidly became the main subject of her creativity.Painted in oils and worked with a knife,her pictures reflect her artistic research that heads towards paying evermore attention to colour and material. These elements are ever present in her work,the artist playing with the tones and impastos with the aim of producing a unique resonance and creating a lively, rich and harmonious whole.Her paintings, which are resolutely non-figurative,reflect a deep desire to get to the heart of the painting medium in order to reveal its fundamental principles."[Her] desire is to get as close as possible to the abstract. To be in the colour and the material and nothing else, to liberate [herself] from lines."
Joëlle is a bold, modern painter,who deliberately shuns trends and fashions to give her art the freedom it requires to express itself unreservedly on the canvas and thus display its full potential, both in terms of colour and subject as well as sensitivity.