Patrick France

Patrick grew up in the heart of the Vosges in the small town of Epinal, which is known for the last remaining active ‘imagerie’ (image factory) in France. Throughout his childhood he was attracted to art and fascinated by his father’s (an amateur painter) paintings and frescos. A dreamy student, drawing became a good way for him to escape, and as an adult he devoted himself to his passion and became a graphic designer.
In 1999 he was awarded 1st prize and the title ‘archaeological watercolourist’ at the Les Vosges Regional Museum. He became a designer for the ‘Imagerie d’Epinal’. His meeting with Roland Palmaerts made a profound impact on his career. This international watercolourist took him under his wing and taught him about the technique for three years.
Patrick is passionate about his region and according to him, its heritage “full of history and charm”. For some time he painted the landscapes that are familiar to him; the Vosges habitat in particular lends itself to the medium of watercolour.
Following his extensive travels in Europe, the United States and Asia he drew a new inspiration from the modernity of cities. The urban landscapes of his paintings show real or imaginary cities. He brings them alive with touches of bright colours, highlighting the light.
In his art, Patrick’s mixed technique is a charming mix of watercolour and India ink. As a watercolourist the liquid element is essential in the composition of colours. We can see in his works the successive washes of colour, (several layers of diluted paint). He also uses acrylics as light and interposed washes.
It is with great affection that Patrick talks about his art; he interacts with the public and shares his passion with enthusiasm. In 2010 with the help of Francis Luttenbacher, he opened a watercolour school in Arches, a town known for its art paper (Canson paper).