Gracio Freitas

Born in the heartof the wine producingregion of the Douro Valley,thePortugueseartist GrácioFreitashas always had a natural flair for manual work andstrong leaningstowards the technical andvisual arts. Yethis career pathled him intothe military,more specifically into thenavy, where he specialisedin the field ofsubmarines. Nevertheless, heretainedand nurturedwithin him this profound desire to be creativeand in 1990thisbecameso intense thathe felt compelled to change his job.
A painter of colourand light, GrácioFreitasworks in acrylics,drawingaccording to his ownartistic codesandreferences.Althoughhighlyfigurative, it is colour that seems to be the main focus of his paintings;his use of colour and the resultantenergy exuding from the painting outweighthe subject depicted.The light thatemanates from his paintings also highlightsthe incrediblerange of coloursthat he applies liberally,but always with a subtle anddelicate touch.
Constantlystriving for perfection,GrácioFreitasis continually developing and enhancinghisstyle,todemonstrate how he has moved on as an artist since he began to paint.Thisintrospective approach gives him the incentive topress on withhis experimenting and to pursue his work,unabated, in the hope that one dayhe will reach the peak ofhis art.Dabbling from time to time in illustration workandthe visual codesof Pop Art,the artist provides,both through hisdrawings andhis paintings, an insight intoa subjective reality that issuffused with peaceand goodwill.