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Vincent Gachaga

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Vincent grew up in modest surroundings, with little chance for extracurricular activities. Even then he felt a desire to create, a desire which remained buried as he did not have many opportunities to express himself. From the age of 20 he held various jobs in the field of communication (advertising, press, radio, events) where he imposed a critical eye. In 2005 he took the leap and decided to fully devote himself to painting.
After experimenting with different painting techniques, he opened up to the trends of contemporary art and became interested in graphic design. Self-taught and always fascinated by the visual arts, he tried his luck and gave free rein to his creativity.
His works are inspired by the Pop Art movement and New Realism (an art movement that accumulated and blended elements taken from reality). Certain artists have made an impression on him, including works by Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol (initiators of these movements).
Vincent often uses new technologies, reworking and enhancing his graphic creations in acrylic, felt pen, pastel and resin to give rise to visions of collages and volumes.
Decidedly urban, he likes to represent the city, preferably the megalopolis, in all of its aspects (architectural, human, static or in movement).
Places, signs, crowds, industrial areas, squats ... all are of interest. He likes to mix photographs and paintings, to which he might combine graphite, resin and other various materials.
Through his pictorial vocabulary, Vincent is able to marry the concrete faces and places, with the signs and words that speak to him and inspire him. Vincent defines a contemporary artistic language that combines salvage and innovative printing techniques, for a surprising result somewhere between painting and sculpture.
Historically and throughout everything he does, Vincent feeds both his need to create and his well-being by imagining, dreaming and building in space. He represents in his works what he himself is: a world that is both open and limited, sometimes vibrant and sometimes subdued, as rich in language as in silence…

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Expo Marseille Expo Marseille
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27 Cours Honoré Estienne d'Orves
13001 Marseille
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Séoul Séoul
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Mokdong-store Hyundai Department Store
Mok-1-dong 916, Yangcheon-gu
157-897 Séoul
Phone: +82 2 544-7791

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