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Tatita Ganly

Tatita, is an Argentine artist born in Buenos Aires in December 1958 and who began painting in the late 90s. An abstract artist, her painting has been influenced by the French Nicolas de Staël (1914-1955) and collages by American Robert Motherwell (1915-1991). Beginning in 1999, she attended Argentine painters’ workshops like that of Peter Malenchini and Ariel Mylnarzewicz. In her country, she grew up nourished by the influences of the neo figuration of Luis Felipe Noé, and she was moved by the work of Rómulo Macció and Darienzo. Each of her works is very basic. It is by using geometric shapes that she wants to achieve full abstraction.
As did de Stael before her, she uses bright colours with impasto and much thickness to translate her sensual approach to life and painting. But at home, this imposed void is as alive as it is coloured! Squares placed on the canvas in an irregular and imagined order, and the large, different sized areas of red, blue, green and white material reflect this great hymn of joy and colour. Over the past decade she has participated in group shows and exhibitions in the galleries of the capital but also in San Isidro, Pilar, Madrid (Spain) as well as winning prizes in her country.
Her fame soon spread beyond the borders of Argentina, and she now sells her works in Spain. This recognition allows her to pursue her other great passion: travel. Each trip is an opportunity for her to discover new galleries and new museums, which she visits with her eyes wide open. "One always comes out richer," she says. These discoveries allow her to maintain and grow her passion for art. In the coming years, says Tatita modestly, she wants to further progress in abstract art. Of one thing we can be sure, Tatita has indeed found her calling !