While also painting to express his feelings, the artist Glamour creates above all for the pleasure of escape. The act of creation is an outlet for his primitive instincts. Through free figuration, Glamour creates spontaneous Naïve Art where different media such as text, images or painting participate together in the narration. In 2007, after his studies in commerce, Glamour quickly felt called to something different. After studying Applied Arts, he had training in graphic design where his teachers transmitted the love of drawing to him.
Glamour is particularly fond of the universes, messages and expressive characteristics of twentieth-century artists such as Jean- Michel Basquiat (United States), Joan Miró (Spain) or Jean Dubuffet (France). The Dada movement, the 9th Concept and Surrealism also can be included in his sources of inspiration. Beyond these cultural references, nature and especially "extraordinary" animals figure prominently in his work.
When not working on a sketchbook or poster, it is rare for Glamour to intellectualize his subject before starting a project. In this way he leaves chance its place, using colours, shapes and media at random. It is the same for his choice of tools. In fact, the artist uses anything that falls into his hands: old drawings, old paper, pens, ink, paint, chalk, spray paint, stencils, coloured stickers, coloured pencils, etc.. and a visual rendering evolves over time and changes according to his feelings and moods. This mixing of techniques allows him to test new effects and learn other means of creation. Glamour can paint one day with his fingers, then scrape, tear, strip, paste, or smear the next day. He may spend long hours preparing his canvas before changing everything in five minutes to start all over again.