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Ulla Gmeiner

Ulla grew up in Germany and was interested in art from an early age, specifically in calligraphy and painting. Passionately creative, she joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Bad Reichenhall. At the same time, her passion for singing led her train as an opera singer at the Music Academy of Stuttgart and Basel. In 1999, she began her musical career at the Bonn Opera.
The visual arts developed in her at the same time as music and the two fields influenced each other. Ulla transformed the sounds and tones that she expressed with her voice into nuances and colours on canvas.
Ulla’s work can be described as ‘controlled chance’: her paintings are based on a constant dialogue between experimental processes and conscious artistic development. Light, texture and colour play an important role. She often uses unusual materials (fibreglass or aluminium foil) on which she often applies acrylic paint.
Her paintings are created using a painstaking process. She begins with a free expression of colour and material, where she allows her subconscious to guide her. After this step of unconscious expression, Ulla enters a conscious step and further develops the theme. The light effects and intensity of colour in her paintings end up dominating the canvas.
When she paints, Ulla is entirely invested and lives intensely in this moment of creation. Changes in nature and in man are particularly interesting to her. She focuses her gaze on what moves and evolves. In the series entitled "Metamorphosis", she shows fragments of nature as symbols of movement…
Her work shows a personal interest for philosophy, mythology and nature. She ceaselessly searches for ‘poetic possibilities’ to represent the ephemeral.