Didier Goessens

Didier’s parents met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium where they both became professors. At the age of 10 months he was already immersed in the art world and served as a model for the students. He spent his youth in the classrooms and from a very young age was practising engraving, sketching, monotype, sculpture, photography and ceramics.
As an adult he studied diligently in workshops about cartoons (Vittorio Leonardo) and drawing from live models (Marcel Gibon, André Goessens). He earned a degree in psycho-pedagogy before resuming his studies in Fine Arts.
He became an illustrator and a graphic designer as well as draftsman, painter and independent screen printer. He worked as a fashion illustrator for famous magazines (Marie-Claire), and at 30 he became a professor of fashion design at the Fashion Design Workshop of La Cambre (Brussels). Then he moved to France where he began exhibiting his works.
Didier uses mounted pasted rice paper as a background for his works. He paints with ink or acrylics, that are thickened or liquefied, and then covers the works in rhinestones. He works the material using many tools: goose feathers, Chinese brushes, large, flexible brushes, paint rollers, graphite...
A lover of drawing, he seeks the essential in the purity of his strokes. Thanks to this thrift of means, his creations deliver the quintessence of gestures and of the body in dialogue. He moves from a mastered figurative style to a lyrical abstraction, where letting go is the key. Didier wishes to convey simple emotion, like a breath in the tumult of life.
Influenced by artistes as varied as Tiepolo (eighteenth century, Italian), Egon Schiele (twentieth century, Austrian), Zao Wou-Ki (twentieth century, Chinese) or Pierre Alechinsky (twentieth century, Belgian), Didier oscillates between the Orient and Occident. He offers works somewhere between an aesthetic tradition and the modernity of contemporary art.

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