Françoise Gomes

Born in the Lot-et-Garonne region, Gomes lives and works in Vallée de Chevreuse. Drawing has always been her companion. She began taking courses of academic drawing in the fine arts workshops of Villeneuve-sur-Lot then frequents the Yolande Coomans’ atelier in Paris for live model session. She naturally turned to painting while using colors, which the artist experienced as a true revelation. Self-taught painter, Françoise Gomes found her artistic language by discovering her favorite tool: the knife. She chooses oil painting for the brilliance of its colors and its slow drying, essential for her art. In fact, she proceeds by small steps that are applied regularly. The color gradients obtained in the thickness of the material enrich the shades and create light effects, vibration and volume. Françoise Gomes' painting focuses on resonance and color perception. For her, color takes precedence over form, going beyond words.

The paintings with minimalist compositions are at the limit of the figuration, we can see them as pure abstractions or as dreamlike landscapes … a blurred horizon line, an illusion, a mirage.

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