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Karla Gorigoitia

Mana grew up in Chile in a home environment that was conducive to the development of artistic skills. In the early 2000’s, she began studying painting but soon felt the need to release her demons by other means of expression. The theatre seemed to her to be the way to do so. She then moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2007 to improve her mastery of sculpture and the decoration of theatrical masks and puppets. The idea of travelling to Europe came to her during that trip. The Old Continent seemed to her as the ideal destination to deepen her knowledge. Arriving in Lyon (France) in 2009, she discovered painting and buried herself in it in order to deal with the anxiety of loneliness.
Mana has great admiration for the committed dialogue of Oswaldo Guayasamin (Ecuadorian artist, twentieth century) as well as the chromatic richness of Wassily Kandinsky (Russian painter, nineteenth and twentieth centuries). For the Chilean artist, " Art is the megaphone of the soul." It is also a stage that allows her to denounce social injustice. Two worlds coexist in it. The first cries, suffers, hates and destroys, while the other loves, protects, beautifies and builds. Thus she uses her painting to expel emotions spontaneously in order to express her indignation in a more intellectualized way.
Since settling in France, Mana has multiplied her projects, unleashing a creativity exceedingly influenced by the theatre. Each of her paintings can be seen as a play whose text is hidden behind the effects of colour. From this association of disciplines springs an unclassifiable work. The eclectic work of the artist evokes both a colourful and expressive figuration and a typically Latin American magical surrealism.

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