Véronique Grivot

Véronique started drawing at an early age. It was her favourite pastime. Very sensitive to the colourful world of butterflies and insects that her father collected, it was natural that she turned to painting. On graduating from high school, she attended an art school to learn graphic design, painting and sculpture. Then she worked in various drawing workshops creating patterns for dresses, shirts and scarves that would be sold to the best textile printers worldwide. They followed the new trends set by fashion designers. She then moved and her family grew.
She left her job to devote herself to her only passion: painting. She studied Fine Arts in Aix -en- Provence, mainly from living models. Humans captivate her with their attitudes, their expressions, and their personalities. Charcoal in hand, she sketches them to capture a fleeting moment of their lives, voluntarily turning her back on academic figuration, which is, she says, "incapable of depicting the intensity of the world and characters." In her work, she prefers acrylics, which allow for a rapid pace in her painting and she paints everything she sees and feels: discussions in a café, a beach scene, dancing. The background may seem trivial at first. It is introduced as a contemporary note often in flat monochrome tones which calm the characters’ emotions. In the foreground, the density of the pictorial material gives body and generosity to these everyday scenes, always lively and treated as stolen moments. The colours spread and create a tonic, almost tactile, harmony which sings of life. "I wrap my stories in humour with a line bordering on caricature," concludes Veronica. Basically, she has remained a big kid, always ready to seize on the first happiness of the day.