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Valerie Guilbert

Valerie began studying Fine Arts and Art Science with the idea of becoming a teacher. She was passionate about art, particularly about working with the materials. Upon graduation she became a teacher and at the same time experimented to create her own artistic expression.
Valerie is fascinated by the traces left by the passage of time: rust, mold, cracks, tears ... The way materials change is an inspiration to the artist and through her work she tries to reproduce this aging. She gives her works an artificial patina, "aging" them with acrylic solutions, ink, diluted watercolour, bleach, walnut hulls (tincture) ... She uses quick-drying products to allow her to work in the moment and so her actions follow in rapid succession. She uses a hair dryer and an iron to accelerate the process and set the materials.
Using collage techniques, she handles various types of paper: from the roughest to the most delicate (card stock, tissue paper ...). Then she has the fragments encounter and oppose each other, keeping only their colour and their ability to mingle with each other in the most random of patterns, this mainly due to more or less willingly controlled rips and tears.
Valerie creates abstract compositions from which emanate colourful mixed emotions of a sense of times past, with just a small bit of writing creeping in to remind us of the human touch. Influenced by the assemblages and collages of the Dada artist Max Ernst and the experimentations with materials of the Catalan Antoni Tàpies, Valerie creates her own artistic language.
She seeks to attract the viewer’s attention by creating different atmospheres. Her colourful works express the meeting of past and present so that the viewer reconnects to its emotional dimension. She wants to create in the observer a feeling of "déjà vu", an "olfactory reminiscence," the memory of a moment, a fleeting impression ...