Mehmet Gureli

Born in Istanbul in Turkey, at the heart of the artistic and cultural district, Beyoğlu, Mehmet has always been interested in human sciences and arts in general. A student in philosophy, he also tried his hand at the practices of journalism, music, painting, literary writing and cinematography.
His creative enthusiasm led him to produce works, which call upon numerous forms of media. He published his first work “Sicak Bir Göz” in 1985, two years later he produced his first film entitled “Vapurlar” and recorded six musical albums from 1988 onwards. Curious, prolific and passionate, this artist in various forms was met with success in all projects he set about doing.
His painting practice began after Mehmet became an expert at caricatures. Any object, material or emotion inspires him and invites him to paint, whether it be from listening to music, looking at a photograph or watching a film. Coming from expressionist painting, Mehmet admires the works of painters such as Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard. Exclusively figurative and produced with oil paints and watercolours, his pictorial representations revolve around man: his productions, his emotions and his relationships with others. As a kind of illustrated story narrating the adventures of twentieth century city-dwellers, his works show us meetings and separations and reveal the insides of trains, bedrooms and street views, more or less marked by strangeness. Mixing fiction and representation, the artist tends towards the meeting of two disciplines that are dear to him: cinema and painting.

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