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Arriving in France in the mid-1970s, Gu-Yen began his professional career in the fields of photo-engraving and infographics. Always passionate about painting, he established himself in the Lyon region in 1980 to devote himself exclusively to the practice of this art.
Using acrylics – that he works with the help of knives and paintbrushes – Gu-Yen creates large animated, powerfully colourful canvases. Inspired just as much by his travels as by his Asian origins, the Laotian artist transposes on his material the atmospheres that emerge from cities and landscapes he has travelled through. Initially photographed, the reported life scenes are then reinterpreted by the painter in a firmly contemporary figurative style. Built around light and its reflections, the spaces are drawn to constitute an ensemble that is just as dazzling as it is dynamic and where “the motifs emerge through their fluid and distressed silhouette”.
Although extensive and turbulent, the pictorial action of Gu-Yen is heavily steeped in serenity. Indeed, for the artist, the act of painting can only take place by totally letting go, implying an indispensible detachment from reality. This calm and silent state of mind similar to meditation offers Gu-Yen the ideal environment to carry out his work.
Trying to reveal more the fleetingness of a movement, an action, to seize the true atmosphere, only to recopy his subject faithfully, the painter seeks to lead the observer into the depths of his work so that he can immerge himself completely in this singular aesthetic representation of the constant vivacity of our world.