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Caroline Hall

Caroline spent much of her childhood exploring the art of drawing. After years of training, and in spite of her talent for pictorial expression, the British student chose a career in journalism. She worked as a presenter for BBC television for fifteen years before returning to her original passion. In 2001, she joined the prestigious Winchester School of Art (United Kingdom), where she earned a Fine Arts degree. Ever since the artist has developed a very personal style; using both painting and video, tangible and virtual.
Caroline’s artistic process is based on the deconstruction of numerical sequences. These pared down videos of various contextual information can be projected in a loop on the surface of the painting as the artist works. A single pixel can also serve as a springboard for her imagination. Her approach is deliberately contradictory. Through each of her essentially immobile compositions, Caroline tries to capture the effect of a moving landscape, a transitional space.
Reported in 2008 as a work to be followed by a New York magazine, Carolina’s pixilated painting continues to evolve. Aluminum is her favorite surface. This smooth and cold medium echoes the digital precision of the videos that inspired her. She uses a special oil painting, whose high pigment content favors a result of intense color. The work of this British artist may consist of a series of thin layers. Her paint may also be applied with a palette knife for more thickness. Her small format creations are often made from torn business cards, superimposing layers of vertical and horizontal pixels. The most recent of her works keep the video as a starting point, but now introduce figurative references.