Markus Haub

Markus grew up on the Rhine in Germany. His passion for photography, collage and painting led him to study Fine Arts and he specialized in transportation design due to his taste for racing cars. At the end of his studies, he moved to Barcelona to work as a designer for Volkswagen and Renault. After a ten-year career, he began his own personal artistic work.
Markus’ preferred themes are the urban views of Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris or New York. He sees the city in all its different facets and is conscious of the identity and typical landmarks of each place he visits. He finds inspiration in the rooftop views, terraces and architectural perspectives. Markus’ most important influence is being a foreigner in another country (Spain). He sees things with fresh eyes and is aware of, and appreciates, the differences between cultures.
Initially, Markus works on a computer, using digital programs and reworking each photo. He prints the results and integrates them into his canvases. Photography is the foundation of his work. It is the beginning of the image’s destruction, exaggeration and preservation.
In the painting phase Markus continues his personal interpretation in a more uncontrolled spontaneous stage. Many creative accidents occur due to the mixture of different materials and paints. He uses strong colors to project his personal vision onto the reality of the original photo. Between stages, the piece needs to dry. Finally, he covers the canvas with varnish. The entire creation process can take several days.
Markus is inspired by architecture, film, fashion and car design. The starting point of his work is always beauty. He finds beauty everywhere and magnifies it with his artistic vision and skills.