Isabel Hayes

Originally from Guatemala, Isabel left Central America for Spain at the age of six, due to the transfer of her diplomat father. After eight years in Europe, the family moved to Los Angeles.
As a little girl, she was fascinated by the bewitching power of colour. She tried painting, and created her first mixes while seeking the perfect colour. But life gradually pulled her away from her vocation and Isabel returned to Guatemala to complete her studies in accounting. She puts her passion aside and worked for several years for various companies. In 1979, Isabel returned to California where she currently lives. Her artistic career took off in 2009. Harking back to her first love, she decided to become a full time artist. She took art classes at the University of Marin County and began exhibiting in the United States.
A self-taught artist, Isabel paints in acrylic on canvas or wood. She admires the Dutch masters like Rembrandt (seventeenth century), and the French Impressionists. She appreciates Paul Cézanne (French painter, nineteenth-twentieth centuries) for his use of colour. Her bold colour choices are reminiscent of the Fauvist Henri Matisse (French painter, nineteenth-twentieth centuries).
The portrait is her favourite genre, and her many trips abroad discovering other cultures enrich her work. She draws her inspiration from the hours spent watching people's faces and guessing what each hides behind their expressions. She brings a touch of mystery to her faces by varying the thickness of the paint layers. Her attraction to bright, deep colours springs from memories of her childhood, rocked by the exoticism of her native Guatemala and the warmth of her life in Madrid.
Intuitive and spontaneous, Isabel paints freely with great sincerity. She begins a work without knowing what it will look like once completed. The artist leaves her brush to stroke the canvas, and gives rise to her model throughout her work sessions. Her imagination is her only limit.