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Originally from Germany, Joxart now lives in Auckland, New Zealand. After 20 years of a career in jewellery design and dental prosthesis, she began painting in 2005 as therapy to relieve stress. After a successful first exhibition in 2005 in Whangarei, Joxart continued to work and the following year showed her work at the Beginners Art Fair in Auckland. From then on, she devoted herself entirely to painting and sculpture.
Believing strongly in the importance of education, she takes every opportunity to improve her knowledge. Thus, in 2010, she began a new 3-year course in Fine Arts, which she successfully completed in 2013.
For Joxart, the creative process is instinctive. She never plans her work and often does not know what she will paint when she starts. She describes it as if you were looking in the mirror " with your nose touching it." You cannot discern what you see, but backing up, the vision becomes clearer until you reach a point where everything is clear.
On her canvases, concrete objects in our environment seem to escape and become free, beautiful, airy, or ephemeral elements, like soap bubbles (one of her trademarks). This can be a beautiful dress for a day, light and vaporous, or the smokestacks of a power plant that become strange beacons of light, striped, and colourful. All this in a figurative style which evokes anticipation, hope... and humour whenever possible.
Joxart likes to introduce us to pictorial narratives with subtle hues, which refer to foreign countries and unexplored areas; places where nobody has been before, but where you always feel welcome and strangely at home. Where ugly is changed into beautiful. Worlds where she can live and others can enjoy. One thing is sure: on Planet Joxart, the future is always bright and luminous.