Laure Ketfa

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As a child, Laura had the chance to attend a special school where art was the focus. A professor of art history transmitted his passion and encouraged her in this direction. As an adult, she has been involved in various training: the Sornas school for drawing and commercial art, the Nicolas Poussin workshop (painting class) and Passelle training (mural painting and trompe l'oeil). These experiences allowed her to develop a personal style. Since 2001, Laura has carried out many projects such as posters for UNESCO’s "Children of the World " and a cover for the subway map (Paris). She teaches drawing for children in collaboration with painter and sculptor Gerard Garouste’s La Source association.
Laure gathers and glues old paper and fabrics full of tiny treasures. She paints on thick cardboard to create overlapping effects. Her colours are basic and she plays with glazes.
Her work thrives on feminine and intimate life. One canvas leads to another and so on. Landscapes and characters coexist and interchange on the canvas. This is a game between paintings and textures where the viewer seeks and penetrates the work gradually.
Laure has two universes related to each other: abstract painting, a kind of meditative space, and the depiction of landscapes playing with lights and colour combinations of known or imaginary countries which exude a sense of tranquillity and sweetness.
Meanwhile, she develops a cast of characters to tell a story, an emotion, and a moment of life. She depicts a lot of women and children who dance and come alive. Her characters have only one eye, like a signature. The other absent eye represents an inner journey, a buried memory.
Laure paints her inner life and her relationship to others. Between reality and storytelling, in her paintings daily experiences become close to the sublime.

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