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Candy Leva

Candy spent his childhood in Andalusia before settling in the South of France when he was 10 years old. From a young age he was passionate about drawing, painting and comic strips. As an adult, he turned to the business of industrial design and worked for almost 20 years as graphic designer in a design office, while continuing to draw and paint for his own pleasure.
Gradually office life began to weigh on him and he took more and more refuge in his art. At the beginning of the 90’s he participated in a drawing competition for which he received the ‘City’s Medal’, yet another event which pushed him to devote himself fully to painting.
Rather quickly, inspiration and imagination in his choice of colours gave him the desire to depict landscapes. Bolstered by his personal experiences, Candy uses his painting as energy, a vibration. A colourist above all, his approach moves towards a particular interpretation of what the human eye can perceive, especially in terms of colour.
Self-taught in pictorial art, Candy forges his own personal and diverse style. His figurative and contemporary work is represented by free work with a knife for oils and brush for acrylics. His colour palette is rich and is made up of many shades. His treatment of the sky is particularly unique.
He enjoys depicting the landscape of southern France, which is dear to him. He gives these panoramas a personal touch, stemming from his Spanish origins. Provencal landscapes are revisited in Andalusia colours.
More recently, the artist has been exploring putting the subjects on the canvas in relief, by using various techniques (materials, metals, plants and minerals). Candy’s works give the observer the opportunity to project himself into a jovial and welcoming world, which the artist wishes to share.