Alice Locoge

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Starting university to pursue her studies in fine arts with the aim of teaching them, the artist from Strasbourg would immerse herself completely in this discipline until she threw herself fully into developing her own artistic work. She thus opened her first creative space in her home region in 2010.
Inspired by the natural world and animals in particular, Alice began elaborating her pictorial language by experimenting with the techniques, forms, textures and materials offered by this subject that is both vast and complex. Her field of studies and research would then evolve to turn towards the human body. This new terrain thus offered her the possibility to pass the inherent questioning to the single technique and representation of bodies to ponder the intimacy of the subject and thus “explore our own intimacy through her painting”.
Deliberately situating herself at the limit between the imaginary and reality, between abstraction and figuration, the artist draws on her interiority to express on the canvas the intensity of the natural signs present in every being. Freed from all identity, political, social or religious characteristic, her nudes are interpreted as “natural sources” that seem to reveal the power of the transformations that occur there. Profoundly introspective, her works probe the constant visible or suggested changes and movements of animated bodies.
“Working on a technique that is specific to her and taking inspiration from a raw and fleshy reality, she bears beings whose representation of the human body recover the plural character of humanity and the multiple aspect of nature.”

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