Emily Marjot

Emily’s three-dimensional creations are free from conventional techniques. The original methods of this English artist are based on the overlapping of volumes. Each element that is affixed adds something to the previous, offering a new interpretation of forms.
Having graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Kingston (UK) in 2012, Emily has exhibited her work in various London galleries. Her unusual compositions are closely related to her health issues. Bodily pain and the medical world have a major influence on her work. The application and repetition inherent in her stacked works captivate her attention and divert her from her suffering. Emily’s art is the result of an intensive and obsessive process. However, her long-term work remains open to surprises; the artist is not trapped in a predefined logic. Very sensitive to aesthetics, she is guided by her taste for delicate and subtle arrangements.
The artist’s creative process feeds off of the shapes and textures of salvaged objects. Emily uses unique materials, often neglected or subject to disposal, such as cans, pieces of wood or old pieces of paper. Some are fragile, others more robust. Their specific characteristics interest the artist and inspire surprising stratifications in her work. She recycles the utensils of daily life, taking advantage of their imperfections and their inconsistencies. Showing them in a new light, by diverting them from their original function, she gives them a second life. Under her gaze, the ordinary becomes extraordinary

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