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Anne Robin’s painting is first and foremost linked to energies. Sensitive to and understanding of the world around her, climates, shapes and light, the artist re-transcribes in her paintings the only experienced feeling in front of each living spectacle: coldness and the intense luminosity of a snow-covered landscape, the severity of straight lines in an urban world, the warmth and dynamism of the curves of a female body.
These “atmospheric paintings” compile the artist’s emotions and moods: her joy, her anger, her sorrow and her desire. Being fully committed to creation and investing all of the senses in it are the courses of action for a whole, generous, warm and welcoming practice. In a figurative style, Anne Robin adds to the portraits or landscapes a dominant colour that fills the painting with an intense emotion. Like an attempt to represent the mind, esotericism, fantasy, the cosmic and the mythological come together to meet in her rather figurative compositions. It is suddenly the emotion that gets the upper hand over the form, and that makes us forget the tangible to tumble into the heart of our inner world, at the centre of ourselves, the home of our feelings. There, the fine branches of trees become a great astrological drawing, the motif of a tapestry or furniture transforms into a series of hieroglyphics or signs from a distant and unknown language, the languishing body of a woman becomes a rock on the sea shore, all invisible mythology is stretched, electrified, assembled and visible beyond what we see.

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