Nemesio Rubio

Nemesio was born and raised near Cordoba in Andalusia. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, he has been drawn to art and creativity since childhood. At school he discovered comics and locked himself in the art room during recess. His drawings were highly regarded and displayed in the classroom. He also painted murals on the walls of the school.
As an adult, Nemesio chose education as his career. He became a schoolteacher in order to combine his profession and his passion. He taught in the morning and painted in the afternoon, teaching himself in his studio and gradually perfecting his technique.
At first, he sketched many landscapes in situ: meadows, beaches, ports ... He carefully kept these drawings and then used them as a basis for his art in his workshop, lost in the Andalusia countryside.
From the beginning, Nemesio discovered and fell in love with watercolour. For him, it is the most appropriate technique for his research. He likes the speed and transparency, and the ability to express time with this process. He plays with light and shadow, reflecting a fresh and poetic atmosphere. Through painting, he expresses his feelings on the canvas and frees his creativity.
Nemesio is influenced by the great master watercolourists: Britain's William Turner (nineteenth century) and the American John Singer Sargent (nineteenth century). For over ten years he has exhibited in Spain, France and Europe.
Nemesio is currently a member of an association of watercolourists and works regularly for the "cartoon" column of the local newspaper ″Diario Córdoba″.