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Hardened photographer and self-taught artist coming from the world of communications, Shayan has a keen eye on the cultures and ways of our society. Through stencils, the artist revisits the photographic technique and reinterprets the cultural codes of his contemporaries.
His artistic work associates the range of digital tools developed for the treatment and retouching of images with recycling of “vintage” materials. As such, the artist produces figurative stencils that he comes and affixes on supports gathered during his numerous excursions to bric-a-brac shops. Fed by the search for old-fashioned, worn out objects – dating from the 1950s to the 1980s – and the street art movement, Shayan designs works heavily engraved in our current affairs and depict some of the most popular movements.
Currently, his artistic research is focused on the widespread global “Hipster” movement. This fashion phenomenon finds its origins in the Anglo-Saxon world in the 1940s. However, this movement took a certain twist and a great increase at the beginning of the 2000s. The artist attempts to figure out all of the current specificities, both sociological and philosophical, through his creations entitled “Métal”. Using light materials, he reinvents the aspect of aged metal plaques thanks to the use of primers, waxes and aerosol paints and decorates them with characteristic stencils: female or male characters and “old school” vehicles representative of this movement.
A result of the encounter between two periods, this unique assembly, deeply in tune with the hobbies of his era, claims to be an artistic proposition that is “urban and trendy in a loft workshop spirit”.

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