Catherine Tapon

Born in the Hauts-de-Seine region in 1959, Catherine discovered drawing while seeking refuge from the tragic events that marked her childhood. It offered her an escape and became her means of expression. In 1986, the premature loss of her father convinced her of the importance of living life to the fullest. Listening only to her heart, she dropped out of accounting school to open a studio in Normandy in order to live from her passion. In 1993, the artist left to settle in French Polynesia. This was a year of revelation. Polynesians became her favourite subject matter and she skilfully portrayed their faces in oil painting. This experience led her to appreciate the work of Gauguin (French painter of the nineteenth century), in which she finds the charm and colour of the inhabitants of the islands. Four years later, back in France, Catherine decided to settle in Provence. She immediately picked her brushes back up and discovered the “magic of pastels.” Drawing from the sketches she made during her walks and her travels, she painted flowers, still lifes and memories of Tahiti. Then, the artist moved to Digne-les-Bains in 2004, where she opened a brand new studio. She now chooses to pay tribute to the beauty of the landscapes of Brittany and Provence, including organizing regular painting classes for aspiring artists. Catherine’s artistic sensibility and ability to convey her passion have given her many followers. Her workshops are always full. Anxious to maintain a friendly working atmosphere, she gathers small amateur groups of enthusiasts with which she combines travel and painting, taking with her a veritable factory of happy memories. Sensitive to movement and light, the artist creates accurate landscapes with an astute hand, giving foliage the appearance of “organic mosaics.” True hymns to life, Catherine Tapon’s canvases help us cope with the obstacles and pain of life by sending us a message of subtly coloured hope.

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