Cristina Trovato

Cristina Trovato was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1959. She has painted and drawn since childhood and considers painting as a means of expression in itself. Cristina has always wanted to give life to her ideas through arrangements of colours and shapes. She also runs regular workshops to help budding artists acquire the necessary techniques for self-expression. A great communicator, she decided to put her creativity to work for her career plans and began studying communication and advertising. A veritable "Jack of all trades" Cristina sought in parallel to evolve and diversify. She therefore regularly attended oil painting, sculpture or engraving classes. Her creations are a reflection of her curiosity. She varies between canvas and wood and sometimes includes pieces of contemporary furniture in her compositions. Cristina likes to make her works a mixture of painting and sculpture. Reliving her childhood through that of her two sons, this communicatively joyful artist feels all the more the need to express her happiness and liveliness. Her paintings open the doors to a bright, colourful world, between fantasy and reality. Her style is well situated at the crossroads of surrealism, "magical realism" and abstract expressionism. Cristina is looking for in her works what she is looking for in life: above all, joy, good-humour and colour. For her, all challenges can be solved with the sheer force of imagination, if approached with a more playful than prudent mind. When she paints, she likes to imagine herself in a particular situation and begins by depicting the decor on canvas. Then she prompts her characters one by one to bring their touch of life and emotion to the canvas. Through her creations, Cristina tries to provoke in the viewer a sense of wonder and almost childlike enthusiasm, to encourage him to forget his worries and open his eyes to the beauty of the world around him. Active and smiling, Cristina Trovato claims that "life itself is not enough; art gives it meaning and completeness."