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Virginie Van den Bogaert

By listening to her desires and abilities, Virginia came to art naturally. Strokes and colours have always been necessary for her to enrich her life, have fun and express ideas. As a child, Virginia was bored at school and spent a lot of time dreaming. Although curious, no school discipline attracted her more than the visual arts. By drawing in the margins of her notebooks and on the tables in class, she understood that only an artistic curriculum would suit her. So, in high school she decided to follow architecture studies before entering the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg (France) for five years of study in the field of art and illustration. Since then, Virginia has lived from the fruit of her imagination.
Working on watercolour paper, the artist paints with brush and pen, with inks capable of reproducing vivid and bright colours. She creates her silhouettes with walnut stain before adding the nuances using other colours. Using a pen then allows her to accentuate the fine details. This technique is suitable for her spontaneous style and taste for fluidity.
Virginia has a preferred field: illustration. Travel inspires her, as do tales and legends. Sometimes jarring but mostly happy, her works are inhabited by fantasy. The wolf, a true comrade, is staged in all kinds of situations, always on the move and ready to experience new adventures. In unlikely and comical situations, the animal carries with him his entire household, en route to new horizons. Thanks to him, Virginia plays on contrasts. Her wolf indeed has two facets: it appears as a friendly face while remaining wild. The artist shares her offbeat vision of the world and invites the audience into a light and friendly universe.