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Ad Verstijnen

Born in Arnhem in the Netherlands in 1946, Ad Verstijnen always knew that drawing and painting would be a part of his life. So he decided to acquire a solid art education at the Art Academy of Tilburg. Paradoxically, in order to be completely in tune with himself, the artist was later brought to deliberately break free from the "shackles" of the teachings he received there. Indeed, refusing any label and a member of no art movement, Ad seeks foremost to stand by his originality. He follows a rule of never setting starting or ending points, but aims for pure creativity, that which comes from the depths of being and therefore is even more remarkable. For this, he tends towards a total spontaneity of the creative process, aware that only children can really achieve that. He is, in this sense, full of admiration for the work of artists such as Karel Appel, Corneille and Constant, founding members of "CoBrA" (movement of European experimental artists of the twentieth century), repudiating any influence of Western rationalist culture and working to be released from its standards and conventions.
The watchword of his work is optimism. It is both the engine of creativity and what he wants to communicate. Ad thus opens the doors of an exuberant, joyful and colourful universe on the borders of dream and reality. The artist explains that when he creates, a magical energy invades his mind, his heart and his brushes, allowing him to convey to the viewer the "indefinable character of a distant world in full motion." He populates this world with naïve human and animal figures, dressed in vibrant and vivid colours. Much like the artist, his creatures display a wide, contagious smile. Despite these recurrences, each piece must be unique in its approach and in its implementation. His use of acrylic uses various techniques and materials in order to shape the multitude of subjects that his environment inspires. The desire to paint never leaves him. Just as he has completed a painting the desire to explore another canvas floods over him. This passionate artist of good humour is busy in his studio day and night, because for him "a day spent without painting is a day lost."