Corinne Vilcaz

As a child Corinne attended workshops at the School of Fine Arts. Everything that passed through her hands (paper, cloth, crayons ...) was an opportunity for her to express her imagination. It was primarily through sculpture that she discovered art. Very quickly this young student took to other art forms (ink, chalk, gouache, watercolour ...). Corinne is above all a colourist and finally turned to watercolour and oil painting.
While studying languages and international trade, she attended several watercolour workshops where she learned to work "wet on wet". This technique consists of working on damp materials to blend colours for a dreamy effect. As the colours disperse the white of the paper is revealed. This effect would eventually become determinant for her future success in oil: letting the white appear, letting the light pierce through...
Corinne then participated in several workshops in oil painting at the School of Fine Arts where she began to work through abstraction, an approach that became self-revealing. This style of painting allowed her to lay herself bare and reveal a more personal side. After her academic studies at the School of Fine Arts, Corinne let herself gradually move towards an Impressionistic style of painting with a deliberately suggested vision. Material, relief and texture become indicative of free representation. The essence of her work is light, white. This colour pervades her paintings, bringing subtle, invisible, divine light ... This is the magical inspiration that floods the artist, pushing her to create.
Listed in Drouot since 2005, Corinne has opened the doors of the most important art fairs in Paris. She exhibits in galleries in Europe and abroad, where her painting is greatly respected.
The sensuality of Klimt, the colours of Van Gogh, or the force of Soulages are the influences that fuel her work.

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